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Honest, Intentional Tours

I’ve been fortunate to lead folks from all over the world on incredible adventures. My guests are the reason I care so much about what I do. Sometimes they write really kind things about my work! 

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"Absolutely a first-rate tour guide. Excellent in everything he did to make the trip a success for everyone and those with different interests in the various aspects of the tour. Cannot recommend too highly everything a tour guide should be. Daniel is the best of the best."

"Simply brilliant. Friendly and enthusiastic. Engaged with and was responsive to all his tour group. Enabled the group to bond very quickly so that we all had a great time no matter what the individual specific interests were. Would select another US tour if he was to be the tour leader."

"Daniel had to run a trip he had never done before through a region he had never visited in tandem with another group whose leader had done the trip many times The group were all between 30 and 45 years older than him It could have been a recipe for disaster but it was an outstanding trip and a lot of the credit for that goes to Daniel If he hadn't told us he hadn't done the trip before we wouldn't have known He has the ability to relate easily with all ages, has a very relaxed easy style which resulted in a very relaxed easy group He is very thoughtful in an unobtrusive way...he got the measure of the group immediately and delivered the kind of leader the group needed He also has a wonderful playlist to while away the long journeys and a song for every occasion There was lots of fun on this trip"