Good Roads

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Meeting at the confluence of culture, art, history, and modern exploration


Founded in 2016 by one part writer, one part visual artist, and both seasoned tour guides with a love for landscape, history, culture, art, and shared experience. Having led hundreds of different types of people from all over the world on small group tours throughout the West, Southwest, and around the U.S., we recognized that this kind of travel set the perfect stage to reconnect with nature, find creative inspiration and build lasting friendships.

Good Roads was formed with a love for creative collaboration and intends to cultivate a context which supports just that for our clients. This company is an effort to inspire, share, and expand our enjoyment of creativity and life via travel. We believe in thinking fast, living slow, working hard, taking siestas, living life to the fullest at an enjoyable pace, and our tours are designed to reflect that. 

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what we do

We design and operate small group adventure tours that intend to inspire growth, community, creativity, and

Currently, we are taking on private clients, offering public tours, and designing and coordinating custom tours for you to do on your own.

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small group adventure travel

The best way to road trip for your community, wallet, and the environment at large. Service is personable and top-notch with a professional creative mentor, an experienced and charismatic driver/logistics guide, and up to 12 fellow travelers interested in exploring their creative practice. Our mission is to guide you through inspiring landscapes and experiences, to help you enjoy every moment of this once in a lifetime journey.
We truly enjoy what we do and hope you do too.